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Sunday 23rd January - Holy Communion at 10.45am. Everyone welcome


From September to December 2017 we are following the course Jesus Shaped People.

This is a programme that we hope every member of the church will be involved in in many different ways.

On this page there will be updates of what we do each week and ideas for how the themes and ideas can be followed through.

Click on this link to read the Jesus Shaped People Poem

JSP I Have A Dream (1)


This week we continue to think about team building and look at how Jesus built a team that could carry on his work in the future. Jesus tells his disciples that he has come to serve, not to be served and we are reminded that this must be our way of life too.


This week we are thinking about how Jesus built up a team with a powerful sense of 'common purpose'. Jesus didn't work on his own, he built up a group of men and women equipping them to work with him and build up the church when he was no longer with them. We will try and learn from this, encouraging all our church members to share this vision, grow in commitment to Jesus and love for each other.


Today we celebrate harvest and we think about Jesus as the world's greatest storyteller and how he connected with people through telling stories. We think about how Jesus brought those stories to life and in doing so connected with the people he met everyday. We think about the stories we could tell in our church today.


This week we are challenged to look at our ideas, convictions, customs and traditions and to think about whether these are rooted in our faith in Jesus .

We look at prejudice against people of different social class, ethnic group or faith and consider what our attitudes and behaviour should be as Jesus Shaped People


We are thinking about how we are motivated in our hearts and minds.

We have the chance to examine our priorities in our lives and consider whether the teaching of Jesus helps us to set the priorities for our lives, the choices we make and the directions we take


Jesus wants us to meet people where they are ...just as he did. He wants us to reach people around us with his love ....just as he did.

If we are to be Jesus Shaped People we are invited to get alongside people and their real needs so that we can be used by Jesus to do his healing work today.


This week we are thinking about how Jesus reached out to those whom others tried to exclude; the sick, children, women, ethnic minorities and tax collectors.

If we are to be Jesus Shaped People we need to connect with people outside our comfort zone. In our groups this week we are thinking about how we face the challenges of an increasingly segregated society.


This week we are thinking about how Jesus met and related to different people in different places. We learn that however busy he was he always had time for people and they wanted to be with him.

If we are to be Jesus Shaped People we need to connect with others where ever they are, be interested in them and their concerns. We will be sharing these passages together in our services and home groups this week and thinking how we should act on what we learn.