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News | Foodbank donation from the late Douglas Brammer | St George's Church

We are in the ten days between Ascension day and Pentecost Sunday and the church worldwide is praying 'Thy Kingdom come'. The prayer is that the love of Christ Jesus would light up every corner of this dark world. During this week we are asked particularly to pray for the Covid 19 situation and St George's church is doing this every day. Find out more about 'Thy Kingdom Come' from the Church of England website where there are prayers, readings, videos, study materials and activities for our children. There is also a booklet to help us to pray about the impact of Covid 19. You can find those prayers on the 'What's on' page with the services as well as on the face book page. Join St George's for morning worship Facebook at 10am Monday to Thursday and Holy Communion live streamed from the vicarage at 10.45 on Sundays. The prayers and readings for this service can be found on the right side bar of the 'Whats on' page. Please keep yourselves safe and if we can help you or pray for you do let us know by using the forms on this website.

Foodbank donation from the late Douglas Brammer

Douglas Brammer began painting images of his childhood village of Ossett when a friend asked him what the village had looked like, and he could not find any photographs of it. As many buildings in the village no longer exist, Douglas produced these images entirely from memory. As Douglas then began to compile together these paintings into a book, he unearthed a few photographs of Ossett, which confirmed the accuracy of his memories. The book of paintings and photographs, together with a brief paragraph of memories on each painting, was published in a small print run of 500 copies, and sold out almost immediately. On Douglas' request, the proceeds were donated to the St George's Chuch food bank after his death. We are very grateful for the very generous gift, which will support families and individuals in need from Alverthorpe, Lupset and Thornes.